Suna Meah was born in 1919 and originated from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

He lived on Malcolm Street, Cambridge and worked for the Eastern Gas Board. It is not clear when he arrived in Cambridge – most likely to have been in the early 1960s. There was a small East Pakistani community at the time.

He stepped in front of a Burwell & District bus on Maids Causeway, Cambridge. He was with Sattar Miah at the time. The omnibus was the first reared engine bus in Cambridge. He didn’t hear it. He sustained multiple injuries.

Mr Meah died on 14th April 1964 at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. He was buried at the Ascension Parish Burial Ground, Huntington Road, Cambridge. An inquest was held on 22nd April and his death was registered on 27th April 1964.

He was discovered through a photo showing two graves of East Pakistani men buried at the Ascension Parish Ground. His death certificate shows his name as Sona Meah.

Written By

Shahida Rahman

Editor and Co-Founder of Cambridge Muslim Heritage